Hey You, Stop Faking!!!

Monday, 23 February 2015 by

I received my first negative message today, from a random internet troll. It read: ‘Hey you, stop faking!!!’ It was nonsensical, of course, and after some digging around I surmised the author is some kind of conspiracy theorist with a UFO obsession. The internet is a strange place. I know I’m going to have to

It’s the eve of Chinese New Year and several of my friends will be visiting their families tonight for what’s known as ‘reunion dinner’. Although my paternal grandfather was of Chinese heritage, my family have never done anything special to celebrate the occasion. Nevertheless, it’s got me reflecting on family—the support, the challenges, and the

I attended a talk recently, where a well known local actress unabashedly bad-mouthed a fellow (rather famous) Australian actor. Her comments came within a conversation about living with wisdom, of all things. Said actress began by waxing lyrical about her craft and how she disappears into a story to express the truth of a character.

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